lunedì 6 febbraio 2017


About 20 years ago I had health problems, and so I had to take strong doses of cortisone and the result I lost most of my hair, and those who remained in the lead struggled to grow and still had so much weaker that were broken.
I knew that by stopping to take this drug then things would get better, which luckily happened was hard to digest for a girl of only 20 years of not having hair, but in the end I had no choice.
Of course if it had happened to this day I could buy me a beautiful wig or add fake hair and no one would have noticed anything.
I could buy them on a site very well stocked and that just sells this type of equipment, and in fact today I want to talk precisely Hairplusbase which is one of the leading manufacturer of hair products. Produce and sell full lace wigs, lace front wigs, lace wigs of the prices affordable, low silk wigs, Jewish wigs, machine weft, lace frontals, machine made wefts, top closures, clip in hair extensions , tape in hair extensions, micro loop hair extensions, fusion hair extensions, ponytail and all this at very competitive prices.
One of the solutions that I would adopt would be the Full Lace Human Hair Wigs, choosing one of my natural hair color, that way no one would have noticed that it was a wigs, they seem just as real hair, very soft is to comb it to touch, even to wear also very comfortable even through the network to which this type of wigs feature that allows the hair to breathe. This type wig is easy style in various ways, all while maintaining a natural look.

I always wore long hair and so when I lost it, it took a very long time so that would reach the old long, now to solve this problem is much simpler because you can an amazing solution that is used in the Tape Human Hair Extensions.
The beauty of these extensions is that they stick to the hair through a tape.
The extensions are human hair that stick to their hair, so as to fill them or to make them longer. There are many extensions of all colors, and also of various kinds, curly, straight, etc.

But the site is also possible to find another type of extensions, which are perhaps the most simple and easy to put on, especially for those who want to first try the effect maybe stretch your hair. They are practical thanks to the use of Cheap Clip in Hair Extensions.
You should also know that many women of the show, to have hair always tidy and beautiful and can in fact change each time I want their look using wigs or extensions so if you want to change your look for a glamorous evening or to see different every now and then here you have no choice but to go to the Hairplusbase site and you will surely find the solution that does for you.

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  1. Da tempo mi sento tantata dal provare le extensions e a frenarmi è il timore di spendere troppo o, se poco, non rimanere soddisfatta della qualità. Questo sito mi sembra ben fornito, ha degli ottimi costi e sembrerebbe tutto molto di qualità.. beh, ci penso su. Grazie per il post.

  2. fantastiche queste extensions, ti danno la possibilità di sperimentare vari stili e cambiare il tuo look ogni giorno!

  3. Sai che mi piacerebbe tantissimo provare a cambiare look con le extensions? Vado a dare un'occhiata sul sito hairplusbase

  4. I capelli sono importanti per noi donne e in effetti quando per una causa o per l'altra si perdono è un dramma. Fortuna che con queste soluzioni si può porre rimedio senza spendere troppo!

  5. io amo le extension , li ho utilizzati per molti anni.

  6. Che risultati spettacolari!!! Io ho i capelli medio corti, quasi quasi... grazie, sempre utili i tuoi post!

  7. a me serve per il matrimonio. Li ho troppo corti e devo assolutamente trovare una soluzione per una pettinatura :)