giovedì 16 febbraio 2017


With these beautiful days will just want to renew your wardrobe and throw out the window the winter and warm clothing, but think instead of wearing lighter clothes and maybe some transparency, which is why they continue my purchases on my favorite site Stylewe.
A site really full of news in clothing where you can find the latest trends in fashion, with just one click.
On Stylewe the watchword is to give rein to imagination to match colors, current trends, past and future, different styles and different models, to be always fashionable and beautiful for any occasion or the more trendy for the most important ones.
Each dress is unique and makes only one who wears it.
For those who want to wear more feminine dresses and frivolous, advice instead of visiting the site JustFashionNow, one online store that's a real fashion boutiques, clothes are studied meticulously by the team of tailors.
I fell in love with some models , I decided to shop for a trip that I will have to take next spring with my family.
This is the model that I got it for my daughter, crop top bikini very simple, youthful, consisting of a yellow T-shirt very pretty white checked with sleeves that come down on the shoulders so very soft and a pair of white pants with low waist jeans.

All time my daughter who is a teenager I chose a complete in jeans consists of a jacket and a skirt that reaches slightly below the knee and the thing she likes the most is that the back of the jacket is depicted a beautiful stylized butterfly, which are also in line with its increasingly young age of Stylewe, which guarantee an absolute fit and at the same time enabling it to feel fashion and also cute.
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As for me I will use this model throughout the day, absolutely sexy, but not too much.
A nice way to make known to others our clothes is to participate in the party, here you can socialize and talk about what more we love, as in my case fashion.
Here it is also possible to drink cocktails, what I love more is the Best Chocolate Martini Recipe Ever, which I remember to be the favorite drink of James Bond, Leafing through the blog you will also find the recipe for how to prepare.

6 commenti:

  1. bellissimo il completo di jeans, non passa mai di moda

    1. Hai perfettamente ragione e poi non ha età

  2. Il top è davvero troppo carino, perfetto per una teenager o una giovane donna!

    1. Si infatti a mia figlia piace molto e gliel'ho regalato per il suo compleanno

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