venerdì 13 gennaio 2017


As I have said on more than one occasion, with my family we leave during the winter, a popular destination hot countries, so I'm going controccorrente during the winter purchase garments summers I need just to go on vacation, so I the opportunity to frequently renew my wardrobe.
For several years I chose to shop online, also because I hate the chaos to go around shops losing too much time, and also because there is often the opportunity to take advantage of significant discounts in shops that just can not be found except during the sales period that there is only twice a year.
Here it is perhaps to be honest the only pro is the fact he hoped the cargo arriving by purchasing online is the correct size and it arrive on reasonable terms to the order made.
My purchases now I make on my favorite store them is Stylewe
Very loving the sea, as I said I could not choose as a destination for our holidays precisely the sea itself and that's why the last purchases were tankini swimwear and heads of saucy clothing and comfortable to wear, in this case I'm referring to cute rompers.
I am spending many hours on the beach I needed to wear tankini swimwear that were also practical and comfortable to wear, but above all that make me feel feminine and comfortable at any time.
I found it a lot of really beautiful models and sensual, which enhance my full physical.
The models that I prefer are those of a piece, they can hold the waist and enhancing also the neckline, these are the models that I chose to buy.

Loving the black my choice could not fall back on this model, very well end and embossed designs in white color it values giving light.

I also like the colors in pastels and this time I wanted to use by choosing a colored pattern reminiscent of the colors of the sea, with several tie is definitely a very youthful model, I also really like how you fasten in the back, the lace that cute It is used to connect the tankini, also this consists of only one piece.
As for the evening I chose some saucy models and comfortable to wear, which definitely does not excuse themselves because of not prefer an entire dress, in fact, I really love to wear shorts at least allow me to be free especially when I have to sit and my husband much love, cute rompers.
This is the model that I purchased

A really pretty model and colorful, easy to wear and very fashion
I hope that my choices are to your taste, and I invite you to visit their site that is fully stocked and surely you will find what you need, an accessory or a stylish suit.

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  1. il primo costume mi piace tantissimo la lavorazione bianca e un dettaglio che ma colpita particolarmente