giovedì 5 gennaio 2017


With my family we prefer to holiday during the winter when they are least costly and resorts are less besieged, the top destinations are naturally the tropics where this time of year makes less cold than us, instead there are virtually polar temperatures. For which I need to bring light clothing and which also occupy little space inside the suitcase, but that allow me to be both comfortable during the day, in case of short trips that we intend to do to know the island we visit, that of be elegant for the dinner to be held during the evening and where there is an obligation to wear most wanted leaders, and that make me feel very glamorous.
Because now I'm wearing heavy clothes, it's January we in Italy and often should I dress to onion layers as they say in technical jargon, I chose to wear rompers I carry with me during my vacation, I will do in the month February. 
Also saw the start of the sales, I found excellent deals, with so much choice on a site that I love very Stylewe.
I really like to do online shopping at Stylewe because I can always find what you seek, the measures are perfect, the materials with which the clothes are excellent and then also have a good fit are packed.
There are various models of rompers, I like them all because streamline myself and fall perfectly, without any defects and are also very elegant for evening.
Here are the ones I bought

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  1. Bellissimi entrambi!

    Nuovo post sul mio blog! Passa da me se ti va!

    1. Hai ragione sono stupendi il mio preferito è il secondo, pratico, comodo e molto fashion

  2. mamma mia il secondo completo è un incanto! davvero mi piace molto , semplice e particolare allo stesso tempo, e poi lo trovo molto comodo io amo la comodità