mercoledì 21 dicembre 2016


Being a fashion avid runner, I always try to find out new fashion styles that can enhance my body as I feel also very pretty and desirable at the same time.
A few months since I started dieting in anticipation of the Christmas holidays, I rediscovered the pleasure of wearing clothes that are able to model and develop my body and this has a considerable impact in the positive sense of the word on my self-esteem.

The style that I prefer is petite maxi dresses is perfect for people like me in fact has a very slender body and loves so wear maxi dresses, but I understand that it is necessary and important to follow few tips that are necessary to wear clothes well.

Very loving surf the Internet I found a really cute and fashion site where I can make my purchases and those for my family, the site in question is Stylewe, for independent designers, whose main purpose is to create quality clothes for all their customers , their designers from all over the world and each one of them beautiful and unique dresses using creates their own style.

It must be choose the dress in your size, I wear a forty-size corresponding to a size M, in this way the clothes fit perfectly to my body especially at the hips and thighs area. All us women also love also enhance the cleavage nsotro here is another little trick you have to choose clothes that have V neck and in this way we will be even more thin, the dress will give us an aerodynamic effect.

It'll be spoiled for choice among the models, which can be combined with high-heeled shoes, ballerinas or during the summer with sandals slave model, which in fact are my favorite.
And then also the choice of color is absolutely important, to enhance even further our physical ideal is the strong colors, important like black, dark purple and chocolate brown.

These are some models that have most caught my attention and I have chosen for my sister, who instead loves the warm colors.

I hope you liked my choices and if I like to dare to be the most beautiful in anticipation of the Christmas holidays or to make a different gift I invite you to visit their online store, for more information you can also visit their  channel youtube

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  1. Bellissimi questi vestiti, io ho un debole per i vestiti lunghi, sai? Il rosso poi è stupendo!

  2. che belli questi vestiti cara mi piace il secondo , molto sobrio e comodo