venerdì 4 novembre 2016


Finally it was my big day, just like that after so many years finally my partner asked me out and get married on the day of my birthday and precisely on Christmas Day.
Being several years that we live together and also having a daughter, I wanted a dress that would respect my personality, that is very simple, but at the same time romantic. In fact I love the stylus is vintage, a very retrò style.
It 'a very simple style but that is always in fashion, in fact very brides wear a dress like this. Having a very tight budget, I found the dress for my wedding on a site very well stocked with wedding dresses and dealing with this kind of clothing. The site is, here you can find vintage wedding dresses that allow you to bring out the beauty and uniqueness of each bride. Their peculiarity is that they are perfect dresses and also very elegant, you can find various models, colors with fine and unique fabrics.
The Vintage Wedding Dresses favorites are long and soft falling to below the foot with a light beam, in order to highlight my waist, like the one I chose it has short sleeves and in the rear is It closed with small buttons and white.

There are many models, you just need to visit the site to find the model that does for you, the prices are unbeatable and you can also find many discounts.

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  1. molto fine e senza tanti fronzoli come piace a me..ottima scelta!