lunedì 14 novembre 2016


Like all women who are mothers when I leave the house I need both of you very comfortable clothing and accessories that will allow me to move freely.
All this of course without giving up the fashion hint which is good for us and that "women" is definitely important also to feel fashionable and beautiful.
The clothing I prefer is absolutely what sport made warm and comfortable suits, while for what concerns the accessory "handbag" absolutely prefer the backpack.
As I said I do not go never without my backpack especially on weekdays because it allows me to move more freely to take my daughter's arm and this way I can also have your hands free.
And that's why in anticipation of my birthday which falls precisely on Christmas day I asked my husband a different gift this year and that is a backpack that you can use even when wearing a clothing less informal, because as every year Christmas day go with family and friends at the restaurant.
Of course I suggested to my husband the site where to buy my gift and the choice fell on Stylewe a store online that I love very much and that fully meets my needs and where you can find fantastic models.
These are the models that I chose and that most caught my attention, are very beautiful and rich colors, practical thanks to the deep pockets that allow me to contain everything I need especially having a very little girl, and I repeat without missing to have a glamor accessory and yet refined.

I hope that my choices are to your taste, and I invite you to visit their site that is fully stocked and surely you will find what you need, an accessory or a stylish suit.

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