martedì 15 novembre 2016


From childhood dreams of getting married and for that day to feel beautiful and above all love and as the Cinderella cartoon Dreams are reality and I can say that finally my little sister after years of waiting will finally realized his dream.
Come to church with her prince charming on a beautiful white horse, but as in all fairy tales to feel a wonderful Cinderella also serves a beautiful white dress, making it the queen for a day.
Like all women in fact prefers the white dress, it is very fluffy and covering the feet, but the same is also very soft, that allows it to move when will dance with her husband.
Her dress has dreamed, idealized for many years and finally found it after much research, it took him almost a year to find the model she likes most, surfing own network.
The online store is is a well-stocked online store, where you can find formal wear, but especially wedding dresses, here you can really find una'mpia choice of suits, which meet all the requirements of various customers, but the what is most like is the fact that the clothes you can customize to suit your needs and above all here is the lowest price. The clothes are fantastic and high quality at very reasonable prices.
The dress that my sister has chosen is a classic dress, very fluffy and especially elegant, soft hips, moves down to the foot, the skirt is very wide and on the sides there is a slight curl.
The corset is tight and the neckline is at the heart, the sleeves are short and are attached to the dress with the lace that makes the most elegant dress
The back is free and the lace makes a beautiful diamond shape, being a classic suit the highlight is a nice long train and fluffy.

This is the model, I hope you like I commend link

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