giovedì 3 marzo 2016



Finally my time after years of living together has arrived my partner asked me to be his wife, having children, I did not want the traditional church ceremony, but something different, which make an impression and be remembered by all.

And so I chose to get married in July and celebrate the wedding on the beach at sunrise, the marriage will be celebrated by a priest friend of ours that knowing the love I feel for the sea, he accepted with pleasure to get married there. I have a very tight budget, since it works only my partner, but I wanted the same one dress that would make me feel beautiful and above all a perfect bride and so thanks to my friend, I met Cocomelody which is an online store, you responsible for selling wedding dresses, but with an eye on the price.

I chose to buy my wedding dress on Cocomelody because compared to other current online stores, has a varied and wide selection of wedding dresses, both with respect to style, there are classic suits, elegant and romantic, in fact prchè l ' wedding dress should reflect the personality of the bride. Very important is the choice of fabric, the color, but does not think Cocomelody only to brides, but also dresses for the bridesmaids that are very important for marriage and does not forget men, and the various accessories that are used to complete the man's clothing.

I'm getting married on the beach and has Cocomelody proposals for who gets this truly exceptional choice, for example, I love very much the long dresses and soft, that follow and mark well ill my body, I'm lucky to be lean and I was able to choose between several proposals , the clothes that I love are those who leave discovered my backless, where the tan stands.

Now let me show you some proposals that I have chosen for my wedding and I hope you enjoy them

Sexy backless wedding dresses

I hope you enjoyed my proposals and I also want to tell you that on the site there are always generous discounts not to be missed, this way you can find your beautiful dress for your wedding, to feel like a princess.
This offer will be valid until March 31, 2016

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