giovedì 28 gennaio 2016


This year I celebrate 16 years of marriage and my husband wants to have a party to celebrate the anniversary and asked me to renew the promises made for the wedding, with an intimate ceremony, where my daughter will do our maid of burden. Of course I accepted. But I need to marry a new wedding dress and so looking on the internet I found some gorgeous wedding dresses cost of Tbdress one online store where you can find fabulous clothes for all circumstances and there are also beautiful wedding dresses that make just for me and you can also find accessories, shoes, etc.

As I said also a section dedicated to wedding dresses, which I recommend you visit are really very beautiful, special and also an excellent fit. Of the renewal of the promises I needed a beautiful wedding dress but but it did not cost much, and so I found some of tbress cheap wedding dresses and of course can not miss the accessories that are a very important part when you choose a dress give I found more and more value on the store also tbdress cheap wedding accessories, which I invite you to see, now I present some clothes and accessories that I would have chosen. 
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The dress I love the most is the first long, sleeveless and above has a color that I think is perfect for that day, it is really very comfortable and above all falls perfectly, now August I still have time for the hair to grow even a few centimeters so that I can also wear the tiara that I chose and so I'll look like a real princess. Of course I will wear for the occasion, a nice pair of shoes with a little heel, so you look taller.
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  1. sono bellissimi questo vestiti! molto glam!