martedì 26 maggio 2015


Having a United States mailing address gives you the advantages of being capable to shop from any US-based website and to sell your goods to US residents. I can also give you many other conveniences like saving time and money. But before you can increase its advantages, you should know the details about the services, especially the shipping procedures and charges.

One of the most vital things you should know before you shop from a United States site or sell to United States based customers is the total cost of the shipment you need to make from the United States warehouse to your doorstep or from your location to the warehouse. This will keep you the disappointment and headache about your final bill. This will stop you from going over your budget.

When shopping, you should include in your calculation of shipping charges any custom fees or duties. Please check with your location custom office the rules and fees for importing goods. The best news is that certain nations waive the duties of shipment up to a certain highest value. Your place might be one of them.

Most mail forwarding service firms like us_go_buy offer consolidation goods, which can save you a large amount. If you are buying from several internet stores, you can just everything to the United States warehouse and the service firm will put everything in one package. You will get all the things you bought in one shipment.

When selling, you should check if all the goods you are sending to the warehouse are allowed as imports in the USA. You can ask usgo_buy the prohibited goods list in the USA. You should also ask them the needed packaging for your goods and all of the documents required for your shipment. This will save you any unwanted return of shipment or any other issues that will result to your wastage of money and time.

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